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Sunday, October 31, 2010


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gotta post something!

I was recently reminded that I have a blog. I haven't posted for over a year and that is just nuts. It isn't like I have nothing to share. We have been through so much this last year, I could probably blog all day just to fill you in on SOME of the stuff.

God has really had a more than usually active job with us this last year. We have learned to put everything into His hands and just go where He leads us. Not that this has been easy or obvious. We still are waiting for Him to share His plan for us and our lives. But so far, He has let us know a few things He has in mind for us.

Mike and I enjoyed a wonderful trip to Hawaii with his company, Duraflame in August. We had never been there and having it all paid for was just awesome. We each got to know many of his co-workers better and enjoyed some couple time we haven't had in a very long time.

However, following what we believe is God's plan for us, Mike resigned his position with Duraflame in September. We took a trip out to TX for interviews and our 15th reunion at ACU in October. So hard to believe it has been so long. Upon returning to CA, Mike went to work with Catholic Charities as their temporary director of finance. That went on until December 17th. Feeling that God wanted us back in TX, we packed up our stuff and stuck it in storage in Lodi and headed to TX and arrived at my parent's house Christmas Eve.

Since Logan was only 15 months old when we moved to CA, he had never had a white Christmas. We arrived in Abilene with ice and snow. It was just beautiful. We really only got there just in time for bed, because Santa still had to come. So when we all woke up the next morning, there was a beautiful scene with snow everywhere. Lauren even went outside and saw that Santa's sleigh left marks in the yard. Very memorable for all of us.

We spent New Year's with Mike's family in Eldorado and had a blast. Got to spend time with his parents and 2 of his brothers and our little niece and nephew. It is so nice to be close to them again. We have since gotten to spend much more time with them.

Mike has been working many different things since we came here. He worked with his dad selling health insurance, but once the whole "ObamaCare" passed, that kind of fizzled. He worked for a local man helping him with his farm and ranch for a while and he also worked for my brother, Bobby, who owns a water well servicing company. Right now, he has done some work for a lady in Henrietta (our soon-to-be new home). She owns lots of properties and needs help managing and taking care of them. He is suppose to start working for Hawk buildings out of Clyde starting August 3. He will be clearing the lot that they are going to use to display and sell portable buildings which opens September 1. He is also working on starting a CPA consulting firm in Henrietta. He has to get current on his CPE credits and pay his licensing renewal fee and then he will be all ready.

I have been busy with baking Friendship Bread. I started out just baking it for us and giving the extra loaves to friends from church. But one of my friends said I should sell it and when I told her I had no idea how much to sell it for, she said she would pay $6 a loaf. So, that is what I charged. You would be amazed at how much money I have made the last 4 months selling it. Amish Friendship Bread is really good, but it takes 10 days to grow before you divide and cook it. So many friends have decided they would rather pay me to do all the work. I have created several variations in the bread. So now I have about 5 different flavors that I offer. I have also been busy selling Mary Kay. I haven't done any skin care classes, but have several local customers whose consultant quit. Bad for her, great for me!

Lauren and Logan are doing great. Once we moved to Eldorado, they both started school. Lauren started 4th grade and Logan started half day pre-K. They both had a great year. They each had really small classes and loved going to school. It was such a wonderful blessing to move here and ease Lauren back into public school. I was able to sub a little and was so excited to work in Lauren's class for 2 days. It was a really great group of kids that she spent the last half of 4th grade with. Logan got to go to the afternoon class, so we spent the mornings cuddling on the couch and just being together. I really loved the time I got to spend with him.

We are in the process of moving to Henrietta, TX. It is just outside of Wichita Falls. We have toured the school and are very impressed and both kids are looking forward to going there. I plan on signing up to sub and then eventually, I hope to teach there. We have bought a cute little house that we are looking forward to fixing it up. We will post pictures as we progress.

Well, I think that kind of catches up. Let me see if I have some pictures I can add here.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a wonderful 4 day weekend with Mike home. We went to six flags on Friday and it was awesome! The weather was wonderful (duh, it is California) and there were no lines. I was a little worried about going on a holiday weekend, but apparently, Friday was not a six flags day in most people's book. It was great. Lauren was so excited about riding the rides and she rode every roller coaster at least once, usually twice. Since Logan isn't quite tall enough for most of the rides (much to his disappointment, I might add), she would ride with either Mike or myself the first time, and then ride again with which ever one of us hadn't ridden. Logan's favorite ride was a water ride. I had dressed him in his swim trunks just in case, and boy am I glad I did! He got soaking wet and loved every second. We need to get a smaller digital camera before our next trip, because our camera is too expensive and large to take and carry around an amusement park.

On Saturday, we went to garage sales and shopping. Mike decided that I needed clothes that actually fit me, so my usual thrift store treasures were no longer hacking it. Which, I admit, most of my clothes are wayyyy too big. So, he took me clothing shopping, which was not something I was looking forward to. But I did get some nice things, and then I turned the tables on him and made him start trying stuff on. So, we both ended up with some new summer clothes.

On Sunday, we went to church and then to one of our church elder's house for a cookout. It was a bring your own meat thing, but we went home to change and took too long, so we just stopped by KFC and picked our meat up already cooked. It was a great afternoon fellowshipping with people from church and eating. The kids had a blast running around their park worthy back yard playing with all their friends from church. Mike lead the devotional for the evening service there before we left. Once again, I did not take the camera.

On Monday, we had a great time with Mitch and his family. They go camping with her side of the family every Memorial Day weekend, and came back a little early so that we could spend some time together. Mike cooked out on his grill, the kids had a blast in our pool and we all got some great visiting in. After we all cleaned up from the pool, Mike, Mitch, Lauren and Kaelyn really enjoyed playing on our piano. I don't know where Logan and Andrew went. Since we were at our house, I whipped out the camera for this day.

All in all, this was a wonderful weekend that we spent together as a family. I don't know when the next time we will get that much time alone together, but I sure am looking forward to it.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bridging to Junior Scouts

Last night Lauren got to bridge from Brownies to Junior Girl Scouts. This is an event that she has been looking forward to for several months. This was her first year in scouts and it has been really good for her. Her troop meets every other Tuesday for meetings and working on badges or "Try-Its" and then one Tuesday a month, they meet at a retirement center to read or paint with the elderly people there. It has been really good for Lauren to be around other girls in a serving capacity. Since I home school her, this is the only time that we aren't together. Logan and I spend this hour and a half having "Mommy Logan Time". It is a time that we both really enjoy.

Lauren has earned many patches for her sash this year. I spent the hour before the ceremony ironing all her patches on that I found in her Brownie bag. I guess I should check her bag more often. Her latest patch she earned at Six Flags this weekend. She had to go around the park and ask questions to 7 different animal experts. She didn't want to do it at first, but once she got started, she really enjoyed it. It was a special day for the girl scouts in the park. It was really neat to see all these different troops from the state in their troop t-shirts. I think we should make t-shirts next year. That probably means that I will have to be in charge of that. Ha.

I was in brownies and girl scouts as a child and have so many fond memories. I still have a Christmas ornament that I made in brownies in 1979 that we hang on our tree. My mom was my leader at one point. I didn't handle that well, poor Mom. I wanted all her attention, but since she had a bunch of other girls who needed it, I didn't get what I wanted. Man I was a brat. Since this is the only time that Lauren and I have apart, I told her leader that I would not be helping during the meetings, but that if she needed something outside of that time, I would be more than happy to help. It has been nice to see Lauren grow in an area without me around.

We are really proud of our little scout and look forward to many more bridging ceremonies.
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